Monday, October 31, 2011

happy happy birthday baby

nearly 7 years ago we brought you home

you have grown into your paws and extra skin

you love us & love being with us

in your mind - you still think that you're a tiny baby

and you are in our mind too

thank you for 7 years of lion free back yard

you are the sweetest boy of all

 happy 7th birthday my baby
we love you

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

beginner band showcase

warm up by beginner clarinet class...

clarinet piece

the whole beginner band big finale.....

Monday, October 10, 2011

blanco state park

this weekend we went to blanco state park in the hill country
- btw- the hill country is what led us to camping in the first place -
i love our camper
- in the words of the most wise ferris bueller -
"if you have the means - i highly suggest you pick one up"
and head straight for the hill country

naturally - the blanco sp is on the blanco river...

we fed the ducks

and sat and enjoyed the sounds of the river and the perfect day

at the edge of the sp backed up to some property that had...

if you ask my kids - his name is lorenzo - and if you have sirius radio and listen to the kidz channel in the morning - you'll know that lorenzo the lama does not like to be touched -
"don't touch the lama"
i'm assuming this goes for the dentist too

here's our camp site - i'm sure you can tell that all the sitting by the river feeding ducks and looking at lamas is quite exhausting...

then it began to rain - which just means more different kind of fun...

apparently - we made an extra special impression on this guy because he followed us home

daddy tried to teach him to sit...

and that it wasn't polite to "flap" at people...

then it was time to go home - and we thought  -
hey! why don't we try this road.....

we saw this sign...

and this sign...

which led us to cross this...

but then we got to see this...

and a whole lot of this...

there's nothing like a back road!!!!

because we were in that vicinity -
we where able to stop and see the fam in r.r.!!!

- we had a great time and it was good to hang out
w/cousins aunts and uncles -

our next big adventure leads us to san antonio
- can't wait to spend time by that river either!!! -

Sunday, October 2, 2011

fair day

1st weekend at the fair is always the best time to go
-people are still pumped about working
-crowds are smaller
-new fry grease

our 1st stop is always the petting zoo
there's not another one like it!!!

we of course saw...

we absolutely ate these...

rode bunches of these...

took lots of these....

super fun time - already looking forward to next year!!!