Sunday, September 30, 2012

"sip and see"

i'm taking classes to be a "for real teacher" -
not just the fake one that i am now
and in the particular class that i am taking -
i "get to" raise a "virtual child" of my very own!!!!
now all you parents out there are saying - "well that's just stupid - can't she just look at the mess her "actual children" are and report back on them?"  but alas - this particular assignment fast fowards all my parental mistakes into a eighteen year old maladjusted mess well balanced, whole child who is an intelligent, problem solver who is prepared for society's challenges.
here SHE is
yeah - i said she!!!
8 months 
 12 months
 18 months
 3 years
you don't fool me - i lnow you're thinking
"gee - why can't i have a virtual child of my own?"
well - some of us are just suckers lucky that's why

Friday, September 21, 2012

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