Saturday, January 26, 2013

big man goes to vegas - and gets to take me!!!

daddy makes bmc gold
(which means he did such a great job this last year that he was ONE of SIX salesman in the COUNTRY to be chosen by his company to be exalted)
he made salesperson of the year for his branch here in the dallas area
seriously - i know!!
so for the company's big sales conference this year held here....

and staying here....

i was invited - all expenses paid - for the end weekend!!!
after shipping the boys off to n/p's -
i woke up at 5am to make the flight out
- pretty and warm in dallas -
because of the company's flight arrangements i am sent through denver with a 2 hour lay over
as we are boarding i notice...
"hey look, snow flurries!  isn't that sweet!"

we board the plane and it begins to fall a little harder...

and by the time we are SUPPOSED to depart
a full on blizzard!!!
after sitting in the plane at the gate in denver for 2 hours - we finally had the clear to leave
i walk into the m for my spa treatment with exactly
1 minute to go

pretty toes!

i finally made it to the room
and was so pleased to be greeted with this wonderful site...

i didn't have much time to enjoy the view as we had to prepare for the company's formal dinner held here...

aren't we fancy!

so dinner with a view - singers for entertainment - and oh yeah - when asked to introduce yourself and your spouse -
i was introduced as...
"what was your name... sorry guys i forget -
we were married last night"

needless to say - for the rest of the weekend people were asking us how are honeymoon was going!
so back to the room - we went to sleep with this view...

and woke up to this one....

we woke up early and ate at the world's largest buffet EVER!!!!!!
and then headed out to the mojave with.....

we had signed up for 4 wheeling in the desert
and a gold/silver mine tour
so off we went with our guide "buckshot" bill

we drove into the canyon to this little miner village...
seriously - we're cute!
this is the entrance into the mine...

this is us taking the tour....

buckshot said he always takes a picture of the group before they head out into the desert so they can figure out who got left behind!!!

so we are all geared up onto our own 4 wheelers

and off we go....

that would be daddy with the yellow gloves

yep -

so we stopped at this structure that was a remake of one of the original sites of a miner camp and ate lunch
and then we headed out of the canyon and back to the village...
after 6 hours we were frozen, hungry and dusty
so we went here for a pick me up....

after an extremely hot bath and a very hard nap we got ready for
wine tasting and hor doeuvres at
sorry about the "deer in the headlight" look but i was using the timer on my camera!!!
aren't we fancy - again!?
check out the ceiling of the hostile grape - pretty cool

then we all loaded into a couple of these...

and all the party people in the house......

bright flash
headed here....

then it was back to the hotel because the morning brought early departure time
so it was good bye vegas

and hello home!
it was a great, exhausting, extremely fun time!
i'm so proud of daddy and all of his hard work!