Thursday, July 26, 2007

enjoying the last days of summer

so we have a month left - we've been to camp, we've been to the ranch, we've gone to vbs, we've been to the pool, we've been to the beach and we've been to the alamo - all summer rituals in our family!!!! so now i'm just trying to keep them occupied for 4 more weeks - i'm thinking museums and the pool should do it but if anyone has any fantastic ideas that are either mind and/or body engaging i'm all for it - let me know what y'all are doing these last few weeks to keep the kids going

Thursday, July 19, 2007

mama....did you know......?

i know - it's been what - 100 days since i last posted - i've been taking g to zoo camp in ft worth this week and it is quite the haul - j and i have been able to visit twice but two days in a row at the zoo for 7 hours was just about all i could handle!!! j on the other hand doesn't understand why we can't go everyday for the rest of our lives!!! in the mean time - g has been bringing home all sorts of interesting facts about various animals - for instance - did you know that flamingos eat upside down - or that the 3 banded armadillo is the only armadillo who can curl into a ball - or that the black rhino has a beak - or that the screech owl doesn't actually screech - all things that the boy learned while at camp!! we are so blessed that he could go this week - and in the words of the ever so wise Ferris Buehler - "if you have the means - I highly suggest you pick one up" or in this case - send you kids to the ft worth zoo for camp!!!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lucky Number SEVEN!!!

the big man - the big cheese - the jeffe - g's seven today!!!!! we have celebrated all week - we've visited the zoo - we had a pizza party - we had a sonic/playground party -and we capped off the BIG DAY with a trip to medieval times - DINNER AND TOURNAMENT - the boys had a great time - we are blessed that they have decided that knighthood - although adventurous and filled with excitement might also lead to death at the end of something pointy!!!! so they plan on sticking around for a little while - maybe get a little more size to 'em - and then run away to the round table

Monday, July 9, 2007

spiders, karate man and knights

today we went to the zoo and then had to high tail it back to karate by 4pm - we managed it but we were strippin' and dressin' in the jeep!!!! the boys had a great time at the arachnitopia exhibit and i recommend it to all who are not phobic :-) j's getting used to karate i think - he never claimed that he was about to throw up or tried to go potty 10 times - and he only made one remark that caused all to chuckle and wonder about his upbringing!! :-) so rather than being totally painful it was actually rather nice!!! we celebrate g's birthday in a couple of days and i can't wait to blog about the big family night adventure - stay tuned to find out if my children run away from home to become knights of the round table

Friday, July 6, 2007

so the truth comes out!!!

so I found the glasses - daddy forgot to take them off the boy at bed time and i located them between the foot board and the mattress - "foot board" you say - "why yes" is my reply - apparently j hasn't gotten the whole head at the top of the bed thing down just yet - you know us crim's - rules smooles

Thursday, July 5, 2007


yep - the 5th - it doesn't have quite the same ring to it does it - it just so happens that my cable was out yesterday and i was unable to post so - happy 5th it is!!!! i hope that all of you are safe and sound after a night of celebrating our nations birth - the boys LOVED the fireworks - we had the best seats in town!!! next year everyone must go to the sonic on 1171 by the library - we had ice cream and watched the fireworks from our camp chairs while the boys ooohhhed and aaaahhhhhed!!! well - enough about that - so - i've lost the boys glasses - stuff like this never happens on our daddy's watch for some reason - so now when the kid goes blind i'm souly to blame - really - how does it happen that soaring temperatures, broken bones, concussions, lost articles of clothing - only happens when i'm in charge - seriously - i'm the responsible one - the non-fun check your stuff bring the bandaids kind-of-gal - he's the "let's go over this mountain of rock and dirt going 80mph while on a tiny unrestrained 4 wheeler and see if we can't make it into that 2x2 puddle" kind of guy - i think that he has had a "talk" with the boys - something to the effect of " if you get hurt on my watch you'll never get to have fun again" - that said - i think he also had the "if mama stays in a store longer then 15mins make her life hell" talk with them as well - but that's another story - that said - i should probably go and find the glasses before i cause permanent damage!!! so have a great 5th and be blessed!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

you've got to be kidding me

I cannot believe that you guys have me doing this!!!!
okay - so here it is - i'm CRIM - don't have much to say - don't have a lot of time to say it - however - i LOVE my friends so here i am!!!! i would at this point post a pic of me and said friends - but they SUCK and i don't have a pic to post - let's get on that girls - okay --- insomnia - yep - me too - but i'm not so philosophical during my night wanderings - and dogs - yep got two of those - however they are referred to as "the babies" not dumb or stupid because they are "dooooggggs" and tend to be smarter then the rest of us - for instance - right now my dogs are barking at the crazy neighbor who thinks it's okay to walk on our street with their dog - really what have they not learned in the last 5 years -this is OUR street and must be protected at all costs from the interlopers!!!!!!!!! so the boy is sick - and i've been wasting away here at the house with "nothing" to do - i mean i could clean the kitchen - or at least the toilets - but really who wants to do that - i mean i have really important wisdom to disperse across the mighty web - right - seriously - time is up now - maybe i'll get back to this later - but as for now - i feel a book calling my name - reading is WAY better then cleaning!!!!!