Wednesday, February 29, 2012

in honor of
birthday this week,
we dressed "wacky" for 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

it's been a long long time and i've missed it!!!!

we went camping!!!
obviously - as it rained all day saturday and it doesn't rain unless we are camping
- again -
we apologize for the drought this summer
it was just too hot to go camping and we spoiled it for the whole state of texas!


the boys have been asking to go back to dino valley
this was the very first camping trip we made 4 years ago when we bought the camper was 7 - was 5
bare with me and i'll get to the before and after pics:-)

as usual - we didn't arrive until dark
we managed to get the camper set up before the rain began -
the Lord had us in the perfect place and we were able to sit under our awning while the rain came down

so saturday monrnig looked like this

which is still good for us 
we listened to the rain on the camper and cuddled in
for the perfect nap
we played board games

and watched a movie together

then we made our dinner - which consisted of
butterflied porkchops stuffed with cheese, cilantro and jalapenos



ready to eat!!!!

sunday we headed out to check out the dino tracks
but with all the rain - and apparently - some flood in 09 -?-
this is what we saw...

but the day was perfect for camping
we were able to get some photos of tracks that were taken from the site and put near the ranger station
this is the 2012 pic...

this is the 2008 pic...

trails in 2012...

trails in 2008....

monkeying around 2012...

monkeying around 2008...

good stuff - right!!??

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

i heart valentine's day!!!

valentine's day is by-far my favoritest holiday!!
how could you not enjoy a day telling people that you care about them!
after all - tomorrow is not  a promise
- so -
get the lead out
tell your family - your friends - your co-workers - the barista who makes your coffe - the checker that checks your grocies - the lady who helps your kids across the cross walk at school -
that they are appreciated!!!!
it's the perfect day for it!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

as heard on tv


definition: to have more sasquatch-ness then other things or places

used in a sentence:
this is the squatchiest place in ohio.  we're sure to find a sasquatch here.


definition: to be sasquatch like

used in a sentence:
this forest is a really squatchie.