Monday, July 28, 2014

summer vaca and manifesto conjoin for extra fun!

i had to do something with the camper!
it was beginning to look over used and out dated
so i did some reupholstering - bought new bedding - took out the old cloth covered head board and put in pictures of us on camping trips
:-) i am pleased :-) 

on our way out of town - we needed to stop for ice - there is a new ice building - yep - ice building - that is all there is - just ice - and the boys HAD to go there instead of a gas station or grocery store -
here we are...
buying ice

 ta-da - just like magic
so - anywho
we set off and landed at the rockin r in new braunfels
 our camp site

 were we played...
 mingled with the wild life....

 and floated the river!!!!

 our friends joined in on the fun!
 we got ice cream from the ice cream man
 mississippi mud
 and choco taco baby
and of course - nightly battles of dominoes and mama team wins all and takes home the trophy!!!!
we went into gruene
for tacos

and fun

 on the way home - daddy stopped in austin to help me
hammer down on my summer manifesto
here we are waiting for trudy's to open

 the star of Texas mexican martini 
 and - heck
while in ausitn we might as well hit another margarita site
guero's taco bar
 the don
we had a blast in new braunfels
and as always - working on the manifesto is fun
stay tuned - not much summer left - we'll have to get busy cramming in more fun!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

rockin my summer manifesto

super spicy and perfect!!!!!
five down five to go

Thursday, July 17, 2014

summer fun

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