Friday, October 31, 2008

self portrait

this is as he views himself

Sunday, October 26, 2008

meridian state park

this weekend we met up with friends and family at
meridian state park
there were 4 families with a grand total of:
9 adults
7 children
1 dog
we had a great time

here we are eating breakfast.....
here we are cooking our lunch....
and here's baby hula eating her fingers :-)
we also played games...
here's d$ playing football
and the big boys playing ladder golf
we also took a 2 mile bike/hike excursion!
look at aves go!!!
(not to mention aunt a - that's some impressive "mall" walking baby!!!)
we saw some beautiful country!!!!!
and we took some great pics of the family -
here's daddy and the kids holding up a rock cropping!
g. money and sitting on the bridge over the creek...
all the "big" kids at the lake....

as usual we can't wait until next time - there's some BIG TALK about colorado !!!
thanks for a great time y'all

Friday, October 17, 2008


all decked out for their uncle j's wedding!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

tooth fairy crisis

my sweet gets off the bus today with a face full of gloom and doom -
so i asked him what on earth happened!? what was the matter!?
"mama, i lost my tooth"
"! that's great" i say
"no mama, i lost it after it fell out!"
after a moment he then says...
"do you think that the tooth fairy gives second chances?"
"baby, i'm pretty sure she does, especially if you write her a note explaining what happened" i don't know about the tooth fairy in your neck of the woods -
but the tooth fairy in these here parts ABSOLUTELY gives second chances!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

this weekend we.....

this weekend we played soccer and went to the pumpkin patch didn't have a game
look @ the fly.....
guarding the goal...
a very serious position!!!

GO J.MAN - he made the only goal for the LIONS!

then we suited up and went to the patch!!
i love halloween!!
and i love the crim boys!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

introducing the incredible camping crims!!!!!

this weekend was spent at daingerfield state park
deep in the big thickethere is camper


the big daddy camper himself...
and of course the camping princess in all her glory!!!
daingerfield is beautiful -
we hiked and rode our bikes all around the lake...

the boys talked their daddy into renting a paddle boat -
I highly suggest you pick one up if you are trying to work off your butt and thighs!!!

while out in the paddle boat we saw a heron...

and some ducks....

while we were not busy working our butts off!!!
we were relaxing in true crim style...
at night -we sat around the camp fire
and the boys built space ships and robots with legos

our next grand adventure will be in a couple of weeks when we attend our uncle j's wedding -

then we will be off to a large family/friend camping hoop-dee-do at meridian state park so stay tuned for more

adventures of the incredible camping crims!!!