Sunday, October 26, 2008

meridian state park

this weekend we met up with friends and family at
meridian state park
there were 4 families with a grand total of:
9 adults
7 children
1 dog
we had a great time

here we are eating breakfast.....
here we are cooking our lunch....
and here's baby hula eating her fingers :-)
we also played games...
here's d$ playing football
and the big boys playing ladder golf
we also took a 2 mile bike/hike excursion!
look at aves go!!!
(not to mention aunt a - that's some impressive "mall" walking baby!!!)
we saw some beautiful country!!!!!
and we took some great pics of the family -
here's daddy and the kids holding up a rock cropping!
g. money and sitting on the bridge over the creek...
all the "big" kids at the lake....

as usual we can't wait until next time - there's some BIG TALK about colorado !!!
thanks for a great time y'all


The Horton Family said...

Looks like yet another fabulous Crim time! Thanks for sharing.

3BoyMom said...

I think my boys want to be Crims.