Monday, October 13, 2008

tooth fairy crisis

my sweet gets off the bus today with a face full of gloom and doom -
so i asked him what on earth happened!? what was the matter!?
"mama, i lost my tooth"
"! that's great" i say
"no mama, i lost it after it fell out!"
after a moment he then says...
"do you think that the tooth fairy gives second chances?"
"baby, i'm pretty sure she does, especially if you write her a note explaining what happened" i don't know about the tooth fairy in your neck of the woods -
but the tooth fairy in these here parts ABSOLUTELY gives second chances!!!


The Horton Family said...

Oh my gosh - Jakie!!!!!!!!! YESSSS - the tooth fairy gives second chances! At our house the tooth fairy even lets you keep your tooth sometimes b/c she has enough already!!!!!!! Ha!

3 Girl Mommy said...

Ditto Horton!!!! Kendal just this past Sunday FINALLY lost one of her top ones and this one the Tooth Fairy took even though she let her keep the first two. :) She looked all around her bed for it though.