Monday, August 25, 2008

SCHOOL DAYS SCHOOL DAYS la la la la la la

today is the first day back to school
YOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!! started kindergarten this morning!!
can you believe it!!!????

here we are at 7:30 this morning loading up for the first day of schoolhere we are on the way to school
look out ms. m and ms. j

out in front of the school

here is putting his "stuff"
in his locker
here is's back pack in his locker!!
(thanks aunt a and aunt c for the back pack
it's perfect!!)

here's at his first day of school and ready to go
bring on the playdoh baby!!!!

hip hip horay for school!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Little Life

i am infinitely blessed!!!
while sitting in my backyard this morning - drinking my coffee
(papa says the 1st cup of the day should always be consumed while sitting down:-)
i was overcome by a sense of gratitude
the Lord has blessed me with a little life!!
i love my home that my loving husband built for me - i love my yard with the plants and flowers that i planted this spring - i love the swing set that my sweet boys love to play on - and of course my sweet puppies who come by every-so-often just to "check on" me (and to get a good ear scratching)
my life is small
i am not powerful or rich and famous
but i have been abundantly blessed with love, shelter, friends and health
i love my little life
thank you Lord for blessing me with the little things

Sunday, August 17, 2008


we're home from our trip and there is nothing like
your own bed!!!

that said -

we had a great time!
here is an overview of how we spent some of our time

it was the boys first time on a plane - and the Lord was with us all the way to florida

here we are getting on the plane with our cousin av's ready for take off ready to go

once in florida
the crim clan stayed on the beach -
here's our house for the week...

our view from the porch...

we swam in the pool...

we sat by the pool...

we played on the beach...

we buried our brother...
we sat in the surf...

we played in the surf...

we were eaten by a shark...
and we ate good food...
we went on a dolphin cruise...
baby hula loved the rocking of the boat...
and so did d$...
here's captaining the ship...
and here is at the helm...
we saw beautiful sunsets...

and a good time was had by all...
thank you non - we can't wait for next year!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

pipelines, planes and prayers

we're off on an adventure!!!

my friend AH went on an adventure with her family
recently and ended up in an
we here in the crim household
completely understand the likelihood
of our family being involved in something newsworthy
because - really
we're the crim's
who else better to end up in the middle of a hurricane!!
(seriously - let's get a raise of hands - who here thinks they could actually see and on the news surfing in the middle of a 5 force hurricane - it could happen!!!! - or better yet - "plane makes a sudden landing after 5 year old pulls the escape hatch on the door")
however - we are praying for the best

keep us in your prayers
i'll blog at y'all soon