Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Little Life

i am infinitely blessed!!!
while sitting in my backyard this morning - drinking my coffee
(papa says the 1st cup of the day should always be consumed while sitting down:-)
i was overcome by a sense of gratitude
the Lord has blessed me with a little life!!
i love my home that my loving husband built for me - i love my yard with the plants and flowers that i planted this spring - i love the swing set that my sweet boys love to play on - and of course my sweet puppies who come by every-so-often just to "check on" me (and to get a good ear scratching)
my life is small
i am not powerful or rich and famous
but i have been abundantly blessed with love, shelter, friends and health
i love my little life
thank you Lord for blessing me with the little things


3 Girl Mommy said...

AMEN sister! The "little" things we ponder over while drinking that first cup of coffee. God is just AWESOME!! Love you bunches, thanks for sharing!!!!

3BoyMom said...

I love your little garden gnome, and I love me some Crim.