Monday, July 9, 2007

spiders, karate man and knights

today we went to the zoo and then had to high tail it back to karate by 4pm - we managed it but we were strippin' and dressin' in the jeep!!!! the boys had a great time at the arachnitopia exhibit and i recommend it to all who are not phobic :-) j's getting used to karate i think - he never claimed that he was about to throw up or tried to go potty 10 times - and he only made one remark that caused all to chuckle and wonder about his upbringing!! :-) so rather than being totally painful it was actually rather nice!!! we celebrate g's birthday in a couple of days and i can't wait to blog about the big family night adventure - stay tuned to find out if my children run away from home to become knights of the round table


Leah said...

We LOVED the archnatopia exhibit! The girls got the biggest kick out of the Emperor scorpions and even got to touch one. Although, even I have to admit that that GIANT bird-eating spider creeped me out a bit. Are you guys going to Medival Times? We keep thinking about taking the girls but just haven't gotten around to it yet. I think they will really like it.

CRIM said...

yes - medival times it is - I can't wait to see the boys reaction!!!!!

The Hortons said...

Knights of the round table eh? Yep, they are going to LOVE that! Glad to hear the little one's getting into karate! He's just so cute in the uniform? outfit? What do they call it? Whatever! He's the cutest!

Marleta Crim said...

Dear Robin,
Again....I enjoyed the pics.

I just knew're a writer!
Have you, also, been to Fossil Rim(?).....great open spaces with many types of animals! We took Bray recently and Sierra has been there.....loved it. You could pick up Dinosaur Valey on the way or at another time.....great place to see tracks and hike. They will soon build a large exhibit of dinosaurs to add to the few that they have.

Have a great evening!
With love,

Marleta Crim said...

Happy birthday to Garrett!
With love,