Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lucky Number SEVEN!!!

the big man - the big cheese - the jeffe - g's seven today!!!!! we have celebrated all week - we've visited the zoo - we had a pizza party - we had a sonic/playground party -and we capped off the BIG DAY with a trip to medieval times - DINNER AND TOURNAMENT - the boys had a great time - we are blessed that they have decided that knighthood - although adventurous and filled with excitement might also lead to death at the end of something pointy!!!! so they plan on sticking around for a little while - maybe get a little more size to 'em - and then run away to the round table


Marleta Crim said...

Dear Robin,
Enjoyed the pictures! Sounds like Garrett had a really great birthday! I still can't believe that Eliana was born today on his birthday!
With love,

The Hortons said...

Love Sir J and Prince G! Too cute! And man, that's a nice group of friends you have!!!!! :) Glad he had a nice birthday.