Thursday, July 5, 2007


yep - the 5th - it doesn't have quite the same ring to it does it - it just so happens that my cable was out yesterday and i was unable to post so - happy 5th it is!!!! i hope that all of you are safe and sound after a night of celebrating our nations birth - the boys LOVED the fireworks - we had the best seats in town!!! next year everyone must go to the sonic on 1171 by the library - we had ice cream and watched the fireworks from our camp chairs while the boys ooohhhed and aaaahhhhhed!!! well - enough about that - so - i've lost the boys glasses - stuff like this never happens on our daddy's watch for some reason - so now when the kid goes blind i'm souly to blame - really - how does it happen that soaring temperatures, broken bones, concussions, lost articles of clothing - only happens when i'm in charge - seriously - i'm the responsible one - the non-fun check your stuff bring the bandaids kind-of-gal - he's the "let's go over this mountain of rock and dirt going 80mph while on a tiny unrestrained 4 wheeler and see if we can't make it into that 2x2 puddle" kind of guy - i think that he has had a "talk" with the boys - something to the effect of " if you get hurt on my watch you'll never get to have fun again" - that said - i think he also had the "if mama stays in a store longer then 15mins make her life hell" talk with them as well - but that's another story - that said - i should probably go and find the glasses before i cause permanent damage!!! so have a great 5th and be blessed!!

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Marleta Crim said...

Dear Robin,
Sounds like your life is moving right along!

Right now I'm in Galveston at our condo. David and I had a good time the first of the week after he got off work on Monday....then, he had to go back to Arlington to work today.....left yesterday aft. We hated for him to go. Today.....he and Sierra will be here. It was supposed to rain....but it's not....YES! It could be a beach day!!!! And.....we hope to take Sierra to Ratatouille.....and later to Moody Gardens again....What fun! We'll miss Mer and Gav....our family are our friends, also.

Last night since David wasn't here, I headed to Sea Wall alone to watch the fireworks with several thousand folks....walked out on one of the piers for a better look at the most spectacular fireworks display close up that I'd ever seen.....even at Rangers Stadium or Stewart's Beach. David missed a good one and he wished he had been here, also.......but the rest of the week should be a blast! Pretty soon, Zander will be coming right along with Sierra, I hope. He is soooo much fun, also.

Casey is here with me snoozing away at my feet. We took a nice walk this's humid....but, oh, so nice to be alive and enjoying the day.

One of David's friends at work (age 53) dropped over dead with a heart attack while running a marathon with his daughter and wife....went to his funeral last week. He was a surgeon and belonged to many organizations.

What do Garrett and Jake like to do when each is on his own? I think that Garrett likes his karate..... Sierra loves it. When Meredith was little, she enjoyed likes yoga. Chad could not do push-ups.....he hated decided not to take it.....he did enjoy his friends.....loved his sister, etc......and had his own activities. Now....he loves his work and his wife and the rest of opinionated on the world situation....and is trying to make a difference. I think our kids and their families are wonderful! Just think....little Eliana should appear somewhere around July 14....We all can't wait. Truett is adjusting to his new life in the US and he and Bray are so photogenic.Bray is in zoo school and art school. He was making ceramics the last I heard which wasn't long ago. Julia wanted me to have his early birthday party around the pool for him. Julia's parents were there, also. Julia is a really good Mom and my friend. She is sooooo tired right now....I'll be glad when her pregnant time has passed.

Have a day full of wonder and a day filled with love! I count you as a friend.

By the way....those four wheelers scare David and me to death....I just hope Garrett and Jake don't dump over. Three wheelers are worse.

When Meredith was little she drew me....looked a lot like her....looking for my keys right there in front of me. She's quite an artist and so is Chad....I have the picture hanging in my kichen. Chad says our house sometimes looks like a grandmother's house....imagine that! Got to get off this's getting lighter outside! And you, Robin, my friend, hang in there!
With love,