Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Pirate Words

Ahoy – used to hail a ship or a person or
to attract attention to yourself
Arr!/Arrrgh!/Yarr! - a general term to be
Used at anytime
Avast – Used as a command to stop
Blimey! – used when frustrated
Gangway! – used to clear a passage through a
crowded area
Me Hearties/Matey – my friend, companion,
or fellow sailor
Shiver me timbers! – an expression of surprise
Aye-Aye! – yes Ye – you Me – My
Booty – treasure
Sea Chantey – pirate song to help with rhythm of work
Yo-ho-ho –meaningless, but fun to say!

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The Hortons said...

Crim - I love that you celebrate such fun days as "Speak like a pirate day!" You ROCK!