Sunday, December 9, 2007

All Abord the Christmas Train

for crim christmas we all headed south for a little r.&r. with the family - in this instance r.&r. stands for railroad - we took a pleasant meander through the hill country and came to a sweet little town where we paroused the gifts shops and holiday tents -
as you can see - the afternoon got off to a great start...... aren't we sweet??!!!
i know - i can hear the oooohhhhs and aaaahhhhs from here!!!!
and look at - he is just so stinkin' handsome......

and then......

we arrived in the sweet little town....

"MMMMMAAAAAAAMMMMAAAAA I need the potty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"tell me to stay with the group one more time and i'll push the button!!!!!!!!!!!!"

a great time was had by all - and in spite of all the trying -
no one was electrocuted or had any sort of body malfunction
thanks for the fun non - we had a great time!!!

1 comment:

The Hortons said...

Looks like a nice trip Crim. Love the pics. You guys look happy. THanks for sharing.