Sunday, June 1, 2008

A STAR IS BORN!!!'s 2nd grade class put on an original production of
"Lady Liberty and the 6 Bald Eagles"
Lady Liberty is adopted by 6 bald eagles and raised as their own -
one day LL drinks poison apple juice and is put into a deep sleep -
the eagles need help so they call upon all of the great American legends to wake LL up
here is playing the part of
"Johnny Appleseed" here is next to Molly Pitcher, Abe Lincoln, Neil Armstrong
and the fantastic Ms. P


3 Girl Mommy said...

Sounds like an AWWWESOOOOME play, I bet was FANTABULOUS! :-)

The Hortons said...

Sooooo fun! What a creative teacher and what an AWESOME Johnny Appleseed!!!

3BoyMom said...

A dude who can wear a colander on his head and still look cool can hang with me anytime!