Monday, November 24, 2008


the incredible camping crims are at it again!!!!
this last weekend we went to fairfield state park -
were - despite the cold AND the burn ban - we had a great time experiencing fall fairfield state park just happens to be "close" to nana/papa's house - so they came down for the afternoon - they REALLY love those boys - why else leave your cozy home and trek out into the freezing woods during a burn ban!!!!!
not only was there a burn ban BUT we also ran across these "warnings"....

we actually saw a "camp robber" as well as a wild hog -
as i'm sure you can imagine - the boys were EXTREMELY impressed!!!!!!

in spite of all the cold, thieves and wild animals we crim's had a fun time as usual!!

we rode bikes to the park.....

who knows - maybe hanging upside down keeps you warm????!!!!!

fairfield state park sits on fairfield lake - which is warmed by a utility plant
apparently this makes for great winter fishing
fairfield lake holds the record for the largest inland red drum (44 inches, 36.83 lbs.) -
we don't fish but we love to hike/trek around hill and dale - and fairfield has some great ravines/creek beds/trails

we found this AWESOME tree - it was gi-normus and perfect for climbing!!!!!

king of the mountain!

stay tuned for the crim thanksgiving adventures - until then.....

"let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and HIS wonderful deeds for men, for HE satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things" psalms 107:8-9


3BoyMom said...

Hill and dale? Only you would say that, Crim.

I'm totally in favor of hanging upside down whenever possible. It's all about perspective.

The Camping Crims are cool.

The Horton Family said...

OH MY GOSH - First, let me say "Your mom and dad ROCK!!!!!!" My parents love my kids but they would NOT come out in the cold to be with them! Ha! And LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE the enormous TREE! How AWESOME! Great pics Crim. Thanks for sharing.

3 Girl Mommy said...

You, camping a surprise?!?! I wouldn't even go camping in the cold for my own kids so your parents, as Horton put it....ROCK!! As usual, love your pics, looks like a fun time! Awesome ginormous tree!! :)