Sunday, February 22, 2009

cleburne state park

once again we were off on an adventure this last weekend
we spent some VERY cold days camping at cleburne state park -
despite the cold - and 35 mile-an-hour-winds!!!
we had a fun time we should have known something was "irregular" when we first arrived at 10pm and were BOMBARDED by 5 little boys on bicycles wearing flashlights on their heads
demanding to know what "tribe" we were in....
come morning we discovered that we were the only
non-indian guide family in the park!!!!
the boys had a blast with their new found friends....
daddy was "kicked out" of the hammock so he had to find other ways to "kick-back" and relax

there were these crazy beautiful trees all over the park

as you can see they were perfect for climbing!

we usually do quiet a bit of bike riding but was feeling a little "under-the-weather"
so we managed just one little foray into the wilds
to visit the playground
as with all adventure seekers - one must know when to stop and take a break...

on our way home we stopped at a historic marker
that retold the history of the
chisholm trail and how the area had part of the trail going through it

well - looks ready to go - so until next time...

...happy trails!


Courtney said...

Great pics! I was laughing so hard at the "what tribe are you in"?!

The Horton Family said...

Love the pics. Looks like Chris could relax ANYwhere! LOVE those trees!