Sunday, May 17, 2009


president taft inaugrated at 27th president during 10" snowstorm
north pole reached by americans robert peary and matthew henson
joan of arc declared a saint
1st u.s. airplane sold commercially, by glenn curtiss for $5,000
my mema was born!
may 14, 1909

this weekend we spent celebrating my mema at her 100th birthday party!

here are our 4 generations...

uncle j, papa, me,, and mema:-)

me and my mema -

she's great! and i am blessed to have her!!

happy birthday mema!


3 Girl Mommy said...

That is so sweet! She is just too cute...she doesn't look a day over 90!!:) That is great that ya'll got to celebrate together!

PandaMom said...

This is a VERY sweet post!!! Hey-I had a Mema, too! ; )