Saturday, July 4, 2009

happy birthday america!!!!

today we celebrated our nation's birthday by hanging out with friends and family

we began the day by watching all of our baby birds (there are 3 nests and about 15 million babies on and around our house:-) this little guy had "flown the coop" a bit too early and can't seem to get himself back up into the nest - but his mama is still feeding him so I think he's going to be okay - look - he's still "fuzzy"

then we ran errands and ended up at Rosa's for lunch - nothing like cheap tacos to make a girl happy:-)

back at home we hung out in the back yard...

and played with the dogs...

then it was time for dinner - we made chicken and rice in the dutch oven - yummy!

my chefs...

and then it was time for FIREWORKS at the...
every year we go to the sonic parking lot and hang out in our lawn chairs until the show begins - we've been doing this for years and we talk it up every year so -
look who we ran into this year!!!:-)

the fireworks were great and all but i really enjoyed just hanging out afterwards on the sidewalk waiting for all the traffic to disperse -
and of course you know mr.crim had to "do-it-up"!!!

all said and done we had a great 4th!
happy birthday america!!!!

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The Horton Family said...

Yep, it was a great time! See ya next year!!!