Monday, September 14, 2009

true campers, die hards, extremists, fanatics, over-acheivers, hard headed....

call us what you may - but we call ourselves

this last weekend we headed out to ft.richardson state park
and in spite of the weather we had a GREAT time -
it was actually one of the best times camping that we have had
because nana made me be a girl scout (thank you nana)
i am "always prepared":-)
here we are all decked out in our rain gear...

so we got all "geared" up and headed to the historical park
for more info. on the park go here(
(not you lili - you'd be bored:-)

this is a reconstruction of the fort hospital...

and the officer's barracks...

we also did a little exploring - our site was really cool and sat up on a rock ledge...

when not running around in the rain educating ourselves - we hung out in the camper and played games, read, talked - completely unplugged!!!!
even if you are not campers - i highly recommend "unplugging" as a weekend "treat"
between rain showers we saw some wildlife -
i think my new favoitest animal is the road runner!!!!
our last 2 camping trips we have "chased" road runners that looked like this -

this mama deer was out with her babies getting a quick snack before it started to rain again

and these beautiful cactus were every where...

even though we got out some we missed a large part of the park because of the rain -
as the saying goes - we'll be back
God willing and the creek don't rise...

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The Horton Family said...

Looks like a great time! You guys know how to party!!!!