Monday, April 5, 2010

spring time & easter @ n/p's

we spent our easter @ nana/papa's house
- now -
i love me some Texas country side
but i especially love me some nana/papa Texas country!!!
- not to mention -
it's a double whammy in the spring time

it's ok - you can wish you were there :-)
i don't know about you - but as a kid - i thought these were the most beautiful "flowers" in the whole wide world -
i would spent hours in our HUGE backyard picking these while singing
"Jesus loves the little children"
as always - there are lots of animals to be seen @ n/p's house

love me some boo-dog!

& i love this guy too:-)

with the awesome spring weather
the boys rode bikes...
played in the tree fort...

& laid in the hammock...

nana had everything decorated for easter

& the easter bunny came...

nana loves that after 20 some odd years the bunny
FINALLY comes to see her again!!!

egg hunt!!!!!

daddy "helping"...

inspecting the "loot"...

we had a great time spending time with loved ones & experiencing God's nature being reborn -
most importantly
we spent time remembering why we truly celebrate easter &
the sacrifice that Jesus made for us
we are
truly & wholly BLESSED!


The Horton Family said...

Nice. Nice time Crim. :) Thanks for sharing.

Reckless said...

yes, the pictures of the dogwoods make me want to be there! thanks for sharing!