Thursday, December 16, 2010

band wagon

so - & wrote notes to santa this year & asked for elves
- every day they pondered on the question - i wonder when our elves will get here -
so finally - santa BUCKLED & got the damn elves!!!

please notice that the elves are sitting on the boy's ds
- the elves report all "naughty" behavior back to santa & within minutes of receiving said elves both boys lost ds privileges for being "naughty"


Anonymous said...

Santa hasn't buckled here. Yet. The pressure is mounting and Santa may yet try to find a discount elf after the big day. I love that your elves are disciplinarians. That made me laugh!

PandaMom said...

Hilarious!!!! Is "damn" on the naughty list of words? Just askin'. ; )

The Horton Family said...

Love it buddy. Ha!