Sunday, January 2, 2011

bringing in the new year with sun and fun

on dec 28 @ 345 am we headed to the airport... 

all ready and waiting for take off....

this is where the first of our "adventure" in traveling begins -
our plan was to fly to atlanta and meet up with the cousins - giving us just enough time to grab something to eat on the plane and then off to the dominican republic
when we arrived in atlanta we couldn't get to our gate due to a malfunction in the plane in front of us
we headed to a different gate
we were now officially late w/no time to do anything but run and pray we make the connecting flight -

we made it

off to punta cana
we tried to land in punta cana
each time the pilot had to pull out of the landing
each time you could hear the engines screaming and straining
each time my stomach ended up in my shoes
the pilot informed us that we had to reroute to santo domingo because of the wind shear
-which is at least a 4 hour drive if we have to travel over land to our hotel-
-in a 3rd world country-
we land in sant domingo
we are international
we can't get off the plane
we wait to refuel and for our new flight plan
we set off again this time actually landing in punta cana


without daddy's, gmoney's and's luggage!!!

we get through immigration/customs and catch the shuttle to the hotel
makes me SO happy that we did NOT have to drive to punta cana
- i'm pretty sure we "almost" ran over about 3 bicycle riders, 5 moped drivers and at least 2-3 pedestrians

we arrived @ the occidental
-and our travel worries ceased-

Occidental Grand Punta Cana

we spent our time hanging out by pool and playing at the beach...

for my next installment i'll cover entertainment and food!!!
-and possibly-
our harrowing escape
-as for now-
blogger is telling me there is no more space
stay tuned

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The Horton Family said...

Crim - the travel sucked but man, it sure looks like Heaven there.