Tuesday, June 14, 2011

kicking off summer by floatin the river

last thursday was the

so daddy and i packed up the camper and headed through the carpool line to grab the boys and head to...

-new bruansfels-
we've stayed at the rockin' r before and love camping on the river

of course we had to get in the water
the second our camp was set up!!!

we also had lots of friends and family meet up with us so we could
celebrate summer and daddy's 40th birthday!

saturday night we headed into gruen, texas...

and celebrated the "old man"

this is always a fun place to go with the kids
- lots of space to run and play...

then on sunday we all headed home but not until we stopped in at
driftwood, texas to savor the best bbq around

as always - the best way to kick off the summer
- in the camper with friends and family -