Monday, August 15, 2011


on the way there..

we have made this trip 4 times now & we have our preferred route our rr stops all mapped out
- but -
- and you know - everyone has a big but -
this time - i was on my own with the boys -
daddy had to stay home the first part of our trip so i was doing the driving

don't be too surprised when i say -
i was pretty amazing:-)

we left home around 4pm on friday
and passed through...


with virtually no incidents
-unless you count the entire chili's debacle-
which involves following a sign on the interstate and getting lost for about an hour and then finally saying SCREW THIS and eating at the sonic

i stopped in jackson mississippi for the night around 12:30 am - after having trouble getting off the freeway and onto the correct feeder road
- i can't get left -

the morning brought FREE BREAKFAST for kids under 12
guess what?
my kids are under 12!!!!!

it's very possible that they changed their policy after we left:-)

then off to...

and into.........

we made it to the house around 5pm
and WOW WEE NONNIE!!!!!!
once again - non out does herself with an amazing house for all of us to stay in during or vacation!!!!

thank you non!!!!!

view from the abode...

so the fam showed up and it was vacation party central

we swam and played at the beach...

we swam and played at the 2 pools.........

and then.....

DADDY CAME!!!!!!!!!
and we did it all again - but better - cuz everything is better with daddy!!!!

lots of fun!!!!!
great family time and we are so thankful to nonnie for making it possible!

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