Thursday, May 10, 2012

my day - aka how to loose 8 pints of blood in a twelve hour period

i gouged my ankle at school today - the type of cut that involves laying on your back fighting passing out (and cussing because there are pre-school ears present) and using an ENTIRE box of kleenex and one frozen juice box to stem the flow

i sliced the top of my finger off while making dinner - the type of slicing that involves no one wanting any salad - because - is that a tomato?

i had a rough, dry cuticle that i thought would be best to clip before i started picking at it - it was the type of clipping that makes you recall that birds will bleed to death if you clip their cuticle too low

i decided maybe i should just take a shower - well hell if  i didn't shave a hole in my achilles - it was the type of bath that involves scrubbing off the floor when finished

i should probably call it a night - but i think i can get in some machete juggling practice first....

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