Monday, February 3, 2014


i had a crap day
it started with me falling over .... nothing! in the school parking lot and busting my knee - causing the milk delivery man to say "damn! are you ok?" and then promptly start laughing his ass off and a three year old student in a car two ailes away to say "mama, I hear mrs. crim" and ended with me deciding that maybe I should call this day done and take a shower just to fall over my dog right onto the same knee on the way out of the utility room with an arm load of towels 
in between those times involved starbucks selling out of my favorite coffee, substitutes and a mix up of teacher names on picture day causing my class to miss breakfast which was only remedied after i took the whole unruly group of hungry four year olds into the kitchen and refused to leave until they were fed, backed up sewage, funk smell in the classroom, a student throwing up at lunch, and a clogged classroom sink
i do believe that i'm moving to australia - maybe alexander has a room to rent 

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