Sunday, March 29, 2009

the land of dreams and magic - day 1

the day we arrived at disney it was late afternoon - around 5pm
i believe that daddy and i were way more excited than the boys at this point -
after all that time on the road -
these signs made us positively giddy:-)

then we found our resort -

we knew we only had a few hours before the gates closed at the magic kingdom so we rushed through check-in (twice because they accidentally sent us to the wrong camp site the first time!)
then we set-up the camper at the most wonderful camping site ever!!!
(oh - if all rv pads were that level!!)

then we walked through fort wilderness to the boat launch - this was our ferry to the magic kingdom every day - and it was a great way to travel - no lines like the monorail and open air unlike the buses

we made it to the magic kingdom just-in-time for the "spectromagic" light parade
there was a spot on the curb that was perfect for two little crim butts -
it was a perfect way to introduce us to our disney vacation!

because we had gotten there so late - we only managed to see the parade and check out main street usa - but by now the boys were also giddy with anticipation for the next day of magic!!