Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the land of dreams and magic - day 2

day two was st. patrick's day!
so of course we had to dress accordingly!!!
instead of walking - today we rode our bikes to the boat launch to catch the ferry - we figured our "little walkers" would be all walked out by the time we came home!

we are SO excited about disney!

when we arrive - there's the walt disney world railroad train just sitting there waiting on us - mickey must have known we were coming!!!

so the conductor yells "all aboard"
and the steam whistle blows and as we chug out of the depot
music begins to play.......
are you kidding me!?? we're really here!!!!!!
j.man's so excited he's doing a little dance

we don't travel far - frontierland is our first stop -
and our first disney ride is
big thunder montain
here are the boys waiting in line for the ride

we all thought it was the best ever except g.money - who has now decided that he will not under any circumstances get on another ride for the rest of the vacation - wow - sucks to be him - huh?
because our next stop is pirates of the caribbean in adventureland!

daddy and j.man about to embark...

hey! - who's that hiding in the barrel!?

as soon as we get out we decide to eat but who do we see..
pete and the gang...
peter was too fast for us and the boys kept missing him - i would say "look it's peter!!!" and they would undoubtedly look the wrong direction - we did however get our pictures with hook and smee!!

sometimes - one must amuse themselves while waiting in line -
here we are waiting to take pictures

after pirate pics and some lunch we went on a cruise -
a jungle cruise
this ended up being funnier then expected because the tour guide singled out j.man for object lessons:-) such as "bad things can happen if you play with rhinos" and "if you don't take a bath at night when your mom tells you to - she may get the elephants to do it"

once off the jungle cruise we made our way through adventureland, frontierland, over to liberty square were we tried to leave the boys in the stocks....

but they caught up to us on our way to the haunted mansion

again - waiting in line -
we're pretty cute all decked out in our st. pat's gear!!

the next ride of the day was
peter pan's flight
this was my super most favoritest ride ever when i was little!!!
pan is my favorite movie and if i had to pick which disney character i most resemble -
i would have to say tink!
spit-fire and attitude!!!
this ride is still one of my favorites!!

don't you wish every once-in-a-while that you could live in neverland

when we come out of peter pan's flight we came to the back of
cinderella's castle -
now tink is my favorite disney character
but if i have to choose a favorite princess it would be ol' cindy!
nothing like a cinderella story
and who wouldn't want a fairy god mother!?

naturally - we had to do the tourist thing and get thousands of pictures

about that time the park made an announcement that there would be "extra hours" for those people who are staying at a disney resort (that would be us)
so we high-tailed it back to the camper for a little R and R and still managed to make it back to the MK to ride some rides during the parade -
because everyone was watching the parade there were no lines and we were allowed to ride a number of rides twice before getting off
here's dumbo.....
and the magic carpets of aladdin - which we took pictures at but didn't ride until that evening

watch out - the camels spit!!!

snow white's scary adventure was the last ride of the evening

of all the rides in the park - this is the ride that scared j.man
i tried to convince him that having an old scary lady jumping out at him was just like being at home - but he wasn't buying it!

we had an awesome second day - and we couldn't wait for day three!!!


3BoyMom said...

Wonder if Tinkerbell ever got bitten by a swan?!?

I L-O-V-E that pic of your boys with Captain Hook and Smee. Adorable.

The Horton Family said...

Looks fantabulous! Love the St. Patty's day attire.