Friday, April 3, 2009

the land of dreams and magic - 3rd and final day

so day three arrives - bitter and sweet
today is our last day at the park

we are up-and-at-'em
ready to go bright and early and off to the boat launch

the boat's here! - the boat's here!

another gorgeous day for dreams and magic!

once again we enter right on time for another parade -
the "move it! shake it! celebrate it! street party"
and just like before - there are two little crim butt shaped spots right on the curb for and

the mad hatter...

mickey and donald......

the genie.....

woody and jessie.....

all these cool characters with a reggae beat - it was awesome

once the parade past we took off for space mountain -
here we are entering tomorrowland... and daddy had been talking about this ride for months - but and i thought we might "skip the excitement" on this one - it turned out to be's favorite ride and daddy almost had to drag him away:-)

while daddy and were on space mountain - and i raced across the park to get fast passes for splash mountain - another ride that decided wasn't for him :-)
on the way there i saw princess jasmine and i was so excited - i wanted a picture with her but wasn't having it - no girlie pictures mama!!!

so the boy and i made it there and back in the time that the other two boys rode their ride (and daddy pried out of the seat) -
we were able to catch buzz lightyear's space ranger spin while we were in tomorrowland before we had to race over to splash mountain...
while we were waiting in line the space ranger himself appeared!!!

this ride ended up being on the top of's list - not only was it a cool ride but it also incorporated "gaming" (you had to hit these targets with your ray gun to earn points and defeat zurg) so naturally it was a hit!
we thought that we could make a break for it when the boys were locked up with the evil emperor zurg but they managed to escape and follow us to.....

splash mountain -
this ride is based on the song of the south and br'er rabbit -
here's with the gang...
the ride has a 52 and 1/2 foot drop - that's 5 stories to you and me - so said "no thanks" and i said that was fine because there isn't much worse then spending the rest of the day walking around in soggy britches!!!
but once again - daddy was saved by -
here they are now....

and here they go!!!!!

our next experience wasn't a ride but the tom sawyer island...

even though there were no "thrills and chills" on the island - it gave the boys a chance to run, rip, climb and explore...

here are, and i playing in tom's fort....

once you cross this bridge you enter...

fort longhorn

it reminded me of the play fort the uncle j had when we were kids - the one with the plastic cowboys and indians...
look - it's our cute daddy...

so after all that running and ripping - we decided we better get-a-move-on so we could go and see the big mouse himself!
but on the way to mickey's house we ran across the
swiss family robinson tree house - the boys had to go along on this one as it brought back memories for me when my family went to disney when i was a kid
the view from the top of the tree was amazing...

the one thing that came away with was that the swiss family boys had guns in their rooms - so why couldn't he!! :-)
so we finished there and were off again - just to be distracted again - that happens alot when your at the MK!!!
daddy knows that i love cindy so he took a picture of me in front of her wishing well - "make me a real princess - make me a real princess"
oh - sorry - i got off track there for a minute....
then saw the carousel and had to ride
aren't we precious.....

so - off the carousel and through the hundred acre wood

were we saw none other than the bear himself -
i'm a big pooh bear fan -
really - how can you not be a fan of someone who is always "rumbly in the tumbly" and "needs a little something around 11 o'clock" - a bear after my own heart!
and finally we made it to mickey's toontown fair
we played on donald's boat...

and rode goofy's barnstormer...

we also went through mickey's country house..

i think mickey's garden and nana/papa's garden look alot alike...

then we made our way over to the judge's tent - while waiting to get our picture with mickey we were able to watch some of the original disney productions - the boy's got a kick out of the movies and never realized how long we waited!!
and then it was our turn!!!

not a whole lot could top meeting the big cheese - so we decide it was time to head back to the camper to get ready for dinner...
on the way out spotted the sword in the stone -
and try as he might -
he just couldn't get it to budge -
here he's yelling
"but i want to be king!!!!!"
so we made our way out of the park
we got one last picture of us in front of the castle as we left

now - even though we were leaving the MK - it didn't mean that the fun was over
i still had a few tricks up my sleeve...
for dinner i had us reservations at the
"hoop-dee-doo musical revue"
back at fort wilderness...

there was music and dancing and some awesome vittles!

the pioneer hall players... had a blast!! he laughed so hard he fell out of the chair!!
i still catch him singing "clementine" every now and again

the show ended with the accompaniment of washboards -

if school doesn't work out - maybe they could start a band...

so - the end of dinner brought the end of our thrid day of magic and dreams -
i know -
sad but true

we had such a great time together as a fmaily -
we enjoyed each other's company and loved just being together
we are so blessed to have had this chance to make special memories with our boys

thank you again daddy for making it awesome

and just as i knew - after thinking a bit on the subject - how to start our adventure -
i have finally come up with the best way to end our adventure....
see you real soon
why - because we like you


3 Girl Mommy said...

You ended it so well Crim!! Loved all your pics! Looks like ya'll had a fabulous time.

The Horton Family said...

Day three seemed just as fabulous as one and two. Glad you had such a blast Crim. You guys are the sweetest family.