Sunday, April 26, 2009

camping in oklahoma

this weekend we went camping with daddy's buddy rm and his family
km and babym

our camp site was super!
right on lake murray...

the boys had a great time playing in the lake...

and a great time building masterpieces on the bank...

the weatherman had promised wind and rain -
but only the wind found us -
which was the perfect opportunity for kite flying...

here's rm helping to get his kite off the ground
and here's giving it a whirl...

the kite did manage to see some air time - despite the pilots:-)

we did all things "camping":
blew bubbles

fed the squirrels

hung out

swung in the hammock

played with legos (with scout the dog)

and of course we explored!

here's daddy on his bike

and the boys exploring the rocks along the beach

the area in the camp that we stayed at was called rock tower
so we naturally had to find and explore the rock tower-
we also hiked through some trails and found this awesome climbing tree -

one of the trails led to this little patch of beach

the boys did their best at rock skipping but daddy said that was really just rock kerplunking!!!

we "kerplunked" and explored until the sun went down -
isn't this beautiful!?

love that guy!

as always
we stopped at the border as we came in to pay respects to the best state in all 50
love me some TEXAS baby!


3 Girl Mommy said...

Ya'll just have way too much fun! :) Great pics, except you weren't in any....

The Horton Family said...

looks awesome!