Saturday, October 17, 2009

fall carnival

so NORMALLY i would not just say no but HELL NO to attending a carnival (aka:death trap on wheels) but the proceeds went towards a friends school pta and when it comes to education i'm a sucker!!!
here are the boys when they arrived - apparently they don't realize that they are standing at death's door!!!
the giant slide was fun...

but preferred this twirl-until-you're-sick ride....

and loved the pirate death trap - i mean ride...

seriously - do you see the man climbing up the side!!! he's "tweaking" the ride while in play!!!
you're going to tell me that it's not a death trap!!!

you know the boys loved every minute!!!

thanks for the invite lili - we had a blast!!!

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The Horton Family said...

yep, it was a great time pal. Thanks for coming along!!!