Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"the scarecrow who wanted to be a man"

there once was an old scarecrow who was very lonely. he had no friends, no partner and no kids, he was so lonely. then he decided to talk to someone who was magic so he could get off the branches and become a real man. one day, mongo the wizard was passing through the scarecrow's field when he looked up and saw the lonely scarecrow. mongo told the scarecrow that he was a “wishing wizard” and then mongo asked him what was his wish. the scarecrow got his wish to get off the branches and become a real man. so he moved to town and got a family and lived happily ever after. but, he knew that if he ever wanted to become a scarecrow again, all he had to do was say “SCARECROW” and {POW!} he would be a scarecrow again.

The End

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