Monday, December 31, 2012

after christmas bonus-es-es (?)

after christmas the boys stayed at n/p's house
they hung out with n/p and did fun stuff like...
make a tin man....
and take an excursion to houston
where they.....
went to wabash feed...

and met nana's new baby!!!!

then after a visit with their little granny
they met up with their....

who took them to eat japanese food
aka - sushi! was adventurous stuck with dumplings!

after lunch they made a quick spin through the.....

to visit extra special proprietor - our cousin cdawg

and of course they had to try everything on....

then on the way out of town they dropped in on our mema
we love her sweet 103 year old self!

all said and done it was a whirlwind walk down memory makin lane
in the mean time
their daddy and i....
ate out
and hung with friends
fun time had by all!!!!!
merry after chritsmas bonus-es-es

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