Sunday, December 16, 2012

happy birthday nana

yeah for nana's birthday!
it means lots of fun and super cool places!!
the first night we enjoyed the best mexican food around at
the food and company were fantastic! 

and it being a birthday party - there was of course

the birthday girl!

getting ready for night number two

for our night on the town - we headed to...

and ate at tillman's roadhouse

after dinner we walked around bishop arts...

and ended up at eno's

for after dinner drinks...

and a sundae!

speaking of sunday's
on the last day of the BIG weekend
nana/papa, and daddy went to see....

and and i went to see...
we LOVE nana and we LOVE birthdays!!!!
happy birthday nana - and many more!!!!

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The Horton Family said...

All of this make me very happy. Happy Birthday Nana!