Tuesday, December 18, 2012

now for the story of little red locks

once upon a time
because that is how all good stories begin
a very tired, over worked and terribly busy mama bear came home from working a full day with preschool cubs to find that....
someone had been eating her cereal!
well - humph - said the mama bear and she started her way through the kitchen to find that...
someone had been sitting on her bar stool!

well - harumph - said mama bear and she headed out of the kitchen into the living room to find that...
someone had wondered through the house and into her bedroom!

well - bah humbug and growl - said mama bear as she left the living room and went into her bedroom to find....
little red locks in her bed playing with daddy bear's i*pad!!!!
so mama bear snatched little red locks up by his little red locks and smooched and smooched him
then she said
go pick up all your crap!
and the all lived happily ever after
because that is how all good stories end